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Central in the yoga classes are the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and space and the balance between these. In nature we are surrounded by these elements, and because we are a part of that nature, they are also to be found within ourselves. By paying attention to the elements and their effects, it becomes easier to relax, to feel strong, to tackle physical symptoms and to actually take care of yourself.

Elemental yoga (meridian yoga) is based on Hatha yoga combined with the meridian system from the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Every lesson we work with a theme appropriate to the season, the weather and the time of day. Exercises are focused on breathing, body and relaxation.

Ista completed three training courses at Swara Yoga School and The Elemental Yoga School: the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training training (Spring 2018), the Yoga Teacher Training (Spring 2014) and the Elemental Yoga Therapy Training (Summer 2012). For her, yoga is not something you do on the mat only, but something you can take with you in other activities; in your day-to-day life. It is her aim to share her knowledge and experiences and to offer people certain instruments with which they can work independently of others on their health, vitality and inner balance.

Ista used to teach at the wonderful Studio Take Five in Amsterdam. At this moment she is not tied to a permanent studio. 

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“To be successful in daily life it means functioning in 5th gear a lot. In Ista’s lessons she has the skill to take you on a journey which leads to getting in contact with your body again and getting your head in the place where it should be. The way she teaches creates a safe, calm and non-judgmental setting.  The background information she gives about the theme of that lesson and why we do what we do is very interesting. It makes you repeat stuff in daily life because you can connect to it. In short: Ista is gifted in giving yoga lessons because she helps you to experience (instead of just the poses).” Merel K.